Shower Curtain Wire Cable - Wall To Wall Mount - Stainless Steel

Exclusive and adjustable shower curtain steel wire holder. Vertical to the wall. Including 5m stainless steel cable. -Made in Germany-

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Material: V2A stainless steel
Surface: matt grinded
Shower Hooks: not included

Shower curtain wire as a straight shower curtain installation from wall to wall, for example in a shower or bathtub niche. Includes 5m stainless steel shower curtain wire.

A classic shower curtain holder for shower niche or bathtub in top notch quality. The shower curtain wire rope system with stable, adjustable stainless steel wall bracket. A discreet shower curtain socket is available for light shower curtains and a stable, larger wall socket for heavy shower curtains. The shower curtain wire is the inexpensive alternative to a straight shower rod or an extendable telescopic shower curtain bar with which the shower curtain is mounted between two walls usually. For the shower curtain mount parallel to the wall, e.g. along the ceiling, there is a lateral shower curtain wire rope bracket.

Basically, the shower curtain wire is a flexible solution and helps to bridge large distances, where otherwise it is difficult to fix shower curtains with a shower rod.

Shower curtain wire for low load: Simple shower curtain wire construction with direct mounting on hanger bolt. Adjustment of the cable tension is done by turning it in and out on the thread of the hanger bolt.

Shower curtain wire for normal load (up to 5Kg): Reinforced shower curtain wire base construction with direct mounting on hanger bolt and extra sleeve, which also regulates the tension of the shower curtain wire. A normal shower curtain weighs approx. 0.5-1.0 kg.

A cover rosette as a disc under the base increases stability when the pulling direction of the shower curtain rope acts diagonally on the base. 

Our recommendation as shower curtain wire rope hook is the HKD12 or with light shower curtains the shower curtain  ring with CrocoClip. Shower curtain hooks made of metal are much more durable on the twisted shower curtain wire than shower curtain hooks made of plastic. Only the roller rings are not recommended for this shower curtain cable, because the shower curtain ring turns "upside down". This works but looks "atypical".

All shower curtain wire sets are delivered including 5m stainless steel wire of 1mm diameter.

Quality - Made in Germany -

Material: V2A stainless steel
Surface: matt grinded
Shower Hooks: not included
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