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Question: Why


Question: Where are our shower curtains manufactured?


Question: Are there special designs at


Question: Why don't we send free of charge?


Question: Do we ship shower curtains and bath accessories oversea? Yes!


Question: How long does the shipping take?


Question: How do I clean a shower curtain?


Question: How does the ordering process work?


Question: Retail/Hotel/Hospital/Hostel?


Question: Why



We are working on the renaissance of the shower curtain. In the beginning there were so many boring shower curtains in bad quality that we told ourselves that it should be changed.


Since 2006 Showertoy© / stands for the following goals:


1. Showertoy© proves: Style is hornier!


2. Showertoy© makes tired shower curtains lively!


3. Showertoy© stands for quality and originality!


4. Showertoy© makes showers an experience!


5. Showertoy© is a little luxury and beautifies the bathroom!


6. Showertoy© is especially suitable for "bath tub showers"!


7. Showertoy© is practical, quick to install and easy to clean!


8. Showertoy© materials can be recycled!


9. Showertoy© is the perfect gift!


10. Showertoy© does not stick to the body!


Because we love shower curtains. Where we can, we spare no effort to create the perfect shower curtain. For this we work with patented processes, with craftsmanship and social standards.


After the distribution in the retail trade became more and more difficult and the big distribution channels were denied to us, we concentrate with on direct sales on the internet. This enables us to achieve a margin which ensures our survival and production in Germany. At the same time, our customers benefit from this, as we offer more favourable prices than the retail trade.



Question: Where are our shower curtains manufactured?




Our fabrics are woven 100% in Germany, treated to be water-repellent and processed into shower curtains.


Question: Are there special designed shower curtains available at


We are happy to produce your individual shower curtain made to measure or with a design as a one-off production or in a small edition. With you can take into account structural conditions, such as shower curtains for level showers. Shower curtains for hospital, hotel, youth hostel with eyelets or curtain tape. offers many sizes immediately available. If, for example, a plastic shower curtain is too long or too wide, you can easily adjust it to your needs (after purchase) with a sharp knife or scissors. Without any problems we manufacture your individual desired shower curtain from fabric. Just send us an inquiry with the required dimensions.


We print a shower curtain with your own motif from a minimum order of 50 pieces. Our experience with single, individual special prints is not so good. As we also have our "hand in the fire" for this quality, we do not offer it.


Question: Why don't we send free of charge?


Our experience with free shipping/returns is not good. There are customers who have taken advantage of this and caused economic damage. Broken packaging, handling effort, discussions have forced us to practice differently than Amazon. We have decided to keep jobs and pay taxes in Germany.


Please contact us if you have any questions before the sale, we know our goods and are happy to advise you.


Question: Do we ship oversea?


Yes we do! Shower curtains and bath accessories are easy to handle. Based on DHL zones individual shipping charges will be add automatically in the checkout process... Don't hesitate to ask for individual solutions.


Question: How long does the shipping take?


Every successful order will be shipped within shortest time, preferably by DHL. However, it usually takes 2-4 days until you receive the goods. Items made of metal, e.g. shower curtain rails take longer.


Question: How do I clean a shower curtain?


Just have a look at our blog, there you will find detailed cleaning instructions for shower curtains of any kind.


Cleaning of plastic shower curtains: Residues of soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc. can be removed with a soft sponge or cloth and generally available in the household, mild cleaning agents against lime and wiped off (eg vinegar essence).attention sharp cleaning agents with chlorine can attack the surface of the shower curtain.


Cleaning textile shower curtains made of polyester, nylon, cotton: The shower curtain can usually be washed gently in the washing machine at 30-60 °C without spinning. Follow the washing instructions on the shower curtain!


Most deposits are avoided if the shower curtain is rinsed with clear water after showering and hung to dry, airy and free.


Question: How does the order process work?


You have never ordered on the Internet or are afraid of doing something wrong? Don't panic, here is exactly what you can expect:


1. choose the category you want to search in on the left side of the screen and click on it with the cursor/arrow.


2. if you want to order, move the cursor/arrow to the white box to the right of the product image and enter the desired order quantity


3. confirm your wish by clicking on the shopping cart symbol next to it. You can change or cancel your selection at any time!


4. if you have something in your shopping cart, you will see it constantly in a shopping cart window on the left side of the page.


5. continue shopping or click on the checkout symbol.


6. a clear view of the shopping cart will appear. You can leave this view at any time and return to the shop, for example!


7. in the shopping cart view you are now asked to log in with your data or create a new account.


8. in connection with an anti virus program (e.g. Kasperski) it can come to problems and the data is not taken over, and/or the payment procedure is terminated prematurely. Please deactivate the anti virus program.


9. after we know who you are and to whom we should send your order, you can decide on a payment method. You can choose between the TÜV approved payment procedure of Sofortü (direct debit EC money credit card) or prepayment.


You still can change or cancel your selection


10. according to the method of payment you have chosen, you now have the last opportunity to complete, check and, if necessary, change your data once again and thus finally execute the payment.


Nothing happens automatically and you confirm every single step! After confirming our AGB, you can continue!


Sofortü does not require registration but works with the same data as your bank's online banking. Without any further detours you can pay securely and insured in three steps. For further information please also see


11. congratulations, that's it! Now you will see a confirmation if everything went well. This will be sent to you again by email for security reasons. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, please contact us.


Question: Trade/Hotel/Hospital/Hostel?


We are looking forward to dealer inquiries. Due to the production in our workshops in Germany we are able to satisfy various wishes, fast and in best quality.


We are looking forward to your inquiry and wish you a lot of pleasure while showering!