About us

ShowerCurtain365.com is the english webshop of Duschvorhang.de and based in Germany. Since 2006 we provide online the best shower curtains, rods, rails & bath accessories for barrier-free bathrooms. We afford the luxury to sell only best quality not only for the exclusive but well planned shower enclosures.

On ShowerCurtain365.com we start with 3 categories and will continue asap with the rest of our selection when the translation is done. Please apologize for any inconvenience, we are working on it. If you can't wait to get the full range please have a look at Duschvorhang.de

Duschvorhang.de I ShowerCurtain365.com is an owner-managed, online specialist shop. Shower curtains are our passion. We are working on the "Renaissance of shower curtains". In addition to selected products from reputable manufacturers, we manufacture shower curtains by ourself as we think a good shower curtain should be. All our employees have a craft training and experience in production, processing or printing technology, general know-how about shower curtains, shower rods and barrier-free bath accessories. Duschvorhang.de I ShowerCurtain365.com is your contact for the beautification, design, planning of a safe bathroom with barrier-free remodeling or simply protection against flooding.

Quality and service are our top priorities: Duschvorhang.de I ShowerCurtain365.com is a small company that pays attention to quality in materials, manufacturers and processing of shower curtains. We would be pleased if your order gives you the desired impression.

Special requests and custom-made shower curtains, rods& rails? Duschvorhang.de I ShowerCurtain365.com feel obliged to the craft in Germany and manufacture shower curtains, shower curtain rods and bath accessories in Germany. We respond to every wish individually: You will find custom-made shower curtain rods made of solid stainless steel, the shower curtain for floor-level, barrier-free, walk in bathrooms, the shower curtain with different attachment possibilities like curtain tape or the shower curtain for hotel and hospital.

On request Duschvorhang.de I ShowerCurtain365.com can also refine a single shower curtain with an embroidery. From 50 pieces we print your shower curtain industrially and permanently protected, with an individual motif or company logo.

For further questions, a quick offer, e.g. about a desired shower curtain size or a required quantity, Duschvorhang.de I ShowerCurtain365.com is also available by phone at +49 (0)40 18057237 or by contact form.