Shower Curtain Rail L Shape DSE 80 - Ceiling Mount - Stainless Steel

Corner shower curtain rod, 80x80, for showers with tray or bathtub and walk in shower enclosures. Best Quality -Handmade in Germany-

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handpolished or matt grinded

Material: V2A stainless steel
Surface: glossy polished, matt grinded
Shower Hooks: not included, HKD12

Elegant corner shower curtain rod in L shape. Stainless steel 12mm. For comfortable showers with barrier free shower tray or bathtub. Including 40cm shower curtain ceiling bracket. Attachment to the wall optional for gluing, without drilling.

A beautiful shower curtain rail for the classic shower in a corner. With ceiling mount and patented shower curtain hooks which enables the freely move of the shower curtain without being stopped by the ceiling hanger. A stainless steel shower rod is inherently hygienic and has an antimicrobial effect. Since the rod is made of solid stainless steel, the cross-section is reduced to 12 mm. This means that the shower curtain rod does not apply so heavy to the bathroom design, and appears noble and discreet. Together with a beautiful textile shower curtain, the design of the shower curtain rail is a real eye-catcher in the bathroom.

Designed as corner shower curtain rail for shower corners with two legs of equal length of 800 mm. Please note that the shower curtain rod is smaller than the area provided for the water to run off and is slightly recessed, so that the water running down the shower curtain is safely collected. For barrier-free showers, a distance of 1-2 cm between the shower curtain and the shower tray is sufficient. If the shower tray is particularly flat and has a small footbridge, the shower curtain should always hang behind the footbridge and as far down as possible without standing in the water.

Shower curtain rail installation and other options

The shower rod is delivered including mounting material. For mounting on wall and ceiling, incl. standard ceiling suspension of 40cm length (adjustment possibility of ± 10mm).

The shower curtain rail is available with two corners: A "comfort corner" with a radius of 70mm or a "sharp corner" with a radius of 14mm. In both cases, in combination with the HKD12 flinger hook, the shower curtain slides freely past the ceiling bracket without stopping.

Two different surfaces are available for the shower rod. The surfaces are ground matt or polished by hand after production. With the hand polished version an additional time expenditure of approx. one week must be counted on the high-gloss polished surface is a special production and excluded from exchange. 

To fix the shower curtain rail without drilling, "never drill again" adhesive adapters made of stainless steel are available (not included). This makes installation and fixing of the shower curtain rail on tiles easier without leaving holes. A glass adhesive plate is available for fixing the shower curtain rail to a glass wall. In combination with crystal-curing UV adhesive, the shower curtain rail can be attached to glass almost invisibly (see picture).

Shower curtain rod diameter: 12 mm

Material: 100% solid stainless steel

Dimensions: 800 mm x 800 mm

Recommended shower curtain width: When using one shower curtain 180 cm wide or when using two shower curtains a combination of 100 cm and 120 cm width.

Shower curtain rods made to measure: The corner shower curtain rail in L shape is available in many sizes and variants. Individual wishes will be taken into account after consultation. 

Made in Germany

Due to the packing dimensions, delivery to a packing station is not possible!

With further questions we are pleased about your establishment of contact.

Material: V2A stainless steel
Surface: glossy polished, matt grinded
Shower Hooks: not included, HKD12
Customer evaluation for "Shower Curtain Rail L Shape DSE 80 - Ceiling Mount - Stainless Steel"
11 Jul 2022

Tadellos. Danke auch für...

Tadellos. Danke auch für den Mini-Inbusschlüssel, den hat nicht jeder zuhause.

Admin 13 Jul 2022

Danke sehr! Die Duschvorhangstange ist gut durchdacht und perfekt verarbeitet. Man sollte nur darauf achten, das bei dieser Duschvorhangstange in L Form die Duschtasse, bzw. die Ablauffläche größer ist und die Duschstange etwas zurückspringt, damit das Wasser auch in dem dafür vorgesehenen Bereich abtropfen kann.

23 Jan 2022

Hier handelt es sich um s...

Hier handelt es sich um sehr gute Qualität, gut verarbeitet und total leicht zu montieren.
Preis / Leistungen sind angemessen

Admin 23 Jan 2022

Danke sehr für die gute Bewertung von der Duschvorhangstange und Ihre gute Erfahrung mit der leichten Montage.

26 May 2021



Admin 26 May 2021

Danke für die gute Bewertung, auch ohne Kommentar zur Duschvorhangstange.

26 Mar 2021

sehr gutes Material, Mass...

sehr gutes Material, Masse waren stimmig

Admin 29 Mar 2021

Danke für die Bewertung. Warum dann nicht die volle Punktzahl?!

1 Jul 2020

Formschöne, praktische D...

Formschöne, praktische Duschstange aus feinem Edelstahl. Passgenau und leicht zu montieren.

Admin 2 Jul 2020

Vielen Dank für die gute Bewertung der Duschstange. So soll es sein, ein durchdachtes System -Made in Germany-

3 May 2018

Sehr massiv und maßhalti...

Sehr massiv und maßhaltig

Admin 4 May 2018

Danke sehr. Das Material ist massiv um den dünnen Durchmesser zu realisieren.

21 Mar 2017

Elegantes und zurückhalt...

Elegantes und zurückhaltendes Design, hervorragende Verarbeitung.

Admin 22 Mar 2017

Danke sehr!

12 Oct 2016



Admin 12 Oct 2016

Danke sehr!

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