Shower Curtain Rail L Shape DSE 170-70 - Ceiling Mount - Stainless Steel

L shaped shower curtain rod, e.g. for bathtubs. 2 corner radius and 3 rail sizes or made do measure available. -Made in Germany-

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handpolished or matt grinded

Material: V2A stainless steel
Surface: glossy polished, matt grinded
Shower Hooks: not included, HKD12

Elegant stainless steel shower curtain rail in L-shape, various leg lengths, preferably for bathtubs and walk in showers

The perfect shower curtain rod, even when showering in the bathtub. Every single part is well thought-out and precisely handmade in Germany. By using solid stainless steel rods, the cross-section can be reduced to only 12mm diameter. The shower curtain rail is therefore hardly noticeable and looks very elegant and noble. The installation is possible in any direction. Individual shower curtain rod sizes are manufactured as a custom-made product according to your individual wishes. Please contact us for a detailed consultation.

Two shower rod corners are available: a "soft" corner with a 70mm radius, so that the shower curtain can be pulled comfortably around the corner, or a "sharp" corner with a 14mm radius, which fits better to some bathroom design. For both we recommend the HKD12 shower curtain hook, which allows the shower curtain to move freely on the rod to past the ceiling suspension. The required number of shower curtain hooks depends on the width of the desired shower curtain.

A useful accessory is a towel holder which can also be attached to the shower curtain rail. This way you always have a towel within reach, which is very practical e.g. when reading in the bathtub.

Shower curtain rod diameter: 12 mm

Material: 100% solid stainless steel

Shower curtain size: If a long and a short side of the classic bathtub (170x70) is to be covered.

Shower curtain rails size 160x70 cm, with 1 shower curtain: 240cm

Shower curtain rails size 170x70 cm, with 1 shower curtain 260cm

Shower curtain rails size 170x75 cm, with 1 shower curtain 260cm

A combination of two shower curtains is also possible, e.g. a 100 and 180 cm wide standard shower curtain. When choosing the shower curtain or adjusting the ceiling suspension, please note that the shower curtain only hangs 10-15cm into the bathtub, otherwise it dries badly and quickly becomes ugly.

The surface of the shower curtain rails is after the production by hand either grinded matt shimmering or shiny polished. The hand polished version requires an additional time of about one week. The high-gloss polished surface is therefore a custom-made product and cannot be exchanged.

Including mounting material, two wall brackets and a standard ceiling suspension of 40cm length, with adjustment possibility of ± 10mm.

The horizontal bar of the shower rod can only be shortened by experts! We will be happy to do this for you. The ceiling suspension can be shortened with a hacksaw.

NEW: The -never drill again- adhesive adapter- for shower curtain rods, allows the residue-free mounting of the shower curtain rod without drilling and holes. Besides, this useful accessory facilitates the assembly. An absolute recommendation that can also be trusted!

Made in Germany

Due to the packing dimensions, delivery to a packing station is not possible!

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Material: V2A stainless steel
Surface: glossy polished, matt grinded
Shower Hooks: not included, HKD12
Customer evaluation for "Shower Curtain Rail L Shape DSE 170-70 - Ceiling Mount - Stainless Steel"
16 Jul 2022

Auch für eher ungeübte ...

Auch für eher ungeübte Handwerker mit etwas Hilfe beim Halten und Anzeichnen problemlos zu montieren. Aufgrund der relativ großen Grundfläche der Klebehalterungen ist Ausmessen und Markieren nicht zu empfehlen.
Sehr hochwertige Verarbeitung mit schlichtem aber eleganten Design.

Admin 18 Jul 2022

Danke sehr! Die Duschvorhangstange zum kleben ist einfacher zu montieren als die Duschstange zum bohren. Wenn die Position der Duschvorhangstange exakt ausgemessen wird, gelingt die Montage der Duschstange auch mit nur einer Person.

13 Apr 2021

Perfektes Produkt. ...

Perfektes Produkt.

Admin 13 Apr 2021

Danke sehr, so soll eine gute Duschvorhangstange für die Badewanne sein.

26 Dec 2020

Einfache instalation...

Einfache instalation

Admin 27 Dec 2020

Danke sehr. So soll eine Duschvorhangstange für die Badewanne auch sein.

26 Dec 2020

Sehr gute Qualität und e...

Sehr gute Qualität und eine freundliche fachkundige Beratung

Admin 27 Dec 2020

Danke sehr. So soll eine Duschvorhangstange für die Badewanne auch sein.

20 Jul 2016

sieht sehr gut aus, ist m...

sieht sehr gut aus, ist massiver Edelstahl und sauber verarbeitet, praktisch, einfache Montage, kein Vergleich zu Vorhangstangen aus dem Baumarkt.

Admin 20 Jul 2016

Danke sehr!

5 Oct 2015

Sehr edel und gut verarbe...

Sehr edel und gut verarbeitet.

Admin 5 Oct 2015

Danke sehr!

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