Shower Curtain Bar DSN - Dia 12 mm - Wall Mount - Stainless Steel

Solid shower curtain pole for shower and wall niches up to 130 cm width. Stainless matt grind or polished. Best Quality -Handmade in Germany-

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handpolished or matt grinded

Material: V2A stainless steel
Surface: glossy polished, matt grinded
Shower Hooks: not included, HKD12

Stainless steel shower curtain bar as shower curtain holder for wall niches shower with 80-140cm distance. A shower rod for the narrow shower niche, with classic shower tray, accessible at ground level or for the short sitting bath.

A straight shower rod from wall to wall, in combination with a beautiful shower curtain, is the practical alternative to a fixed shower enclosure with a shower door, which does not have to be constantly cleaned. Especially the floor-level accessible shower niche without a door is practical and elegant with a shower curtain. The shower curtain rod is made of a solid stainless steel rod only 12mm thin and without ceiling bracket suitable for shower niches with a width of 80-150cm. The length of the shower rod can be adjusted to the required dimension on site with a metal saw suitable for stainless steel. For an additional charge, individual shower rods in special dimensions are available directly from the workshop. For wider wall niches, e.g. for a bathtub shower, we recommend the shower rod with 20mm diameter or an extendable telescopic shower curtain rod.

Options shower niches Shower bar

The wall bracket of the shower rod consists of a screw-on adapter and a sleeve that connects the wall bracket to the shower rod. For mounting without drilling, for tiles a -don't drill again- Adhesive adapter at your disposal. To connect the shower rod with a glass wall there is a Glass adhesive platewhich connects the shower rod invisibly to the glass wall through the glass with a crystal clear UV adhesive. Both wall holders can be combined with each other.

The surface is satin stainless steel or high gloss polished. You can combine both shower rod surfaces with other Bathroom accessories of stainless steel. With the hand polished shower curtain rod surface, an additional time expenditure of approx. one week must be expected.

Delivery without shower curtain hooks. The number of shower curtain rings required depends on the selected shower curtain width. Our recommendation: The shower curtain hook HKD12 is optimised exactly to the diameter of the shower rod and connects the shower curtain perfectly to the shower rod.

  Length of shower rod  

Niche width in cm

  Shower curtain width  

Standard size in cm

  Shower curtain hook  

  Number of shower curtain eyelets  

Shower niche   80 100 7
Shower niche   90 100-120 7-8
Shower niche 100 120 8
Shower niche 110 120-140 8-9
Shower niche 120 140 9
Shower niche 130 160 11
Shower niche 140 160 11

Shower rod material: 100% stainless steel, 12mm

Since the lengths of the shower rods are individually manufactured for each order, this article is a custom-made product and cannot be exchanged. Due to the packing dimensions, delivery to a packing station is not possible!

Quality Made in Germany

Material: V2A stainless steel
Surface: glossy polished, matt grinded
Shower Hooks: not included, HKD12
Customer evaluation for "Shower Curtain Bar DSN - Dia 12 mm - Wall Mount - Stainless Steel"
9 Dec 2023

formschön ohne "Ränder"...

formschön ohne "Ränder"

Admin 13 Dec 2023

Danke sehr für die gute Bewertung der Duschvorhangstange für die Duschnische. Formschön ist der richtige Ausdruck :-)

5 Nov 2022

die Länge war tatsächli...

die Länge war tatsächlich genau nach unserer Vorgabe. Passte auf Anhieb !

Admin 6 Nov 2022

Danke sehr! So sollte eine gute Duschvorhangstange für die Duschnische auch sein.

16 Jun 2021

Schöne Stange, sieht seh...

Schöne Stange, sieht sehr wertig aus.

Admin 17 Jun 2021

Wir danken Ihnen sehr für die gute Bewertung der Duschvorhangstange.

31 Dec 2020

Sieht gut aus und passt w...

Sieht gut aus und passt wie bestellt.

Admin 2 Jan 2021

Danke sehr, so soll eine gute Duschvorhangstange sein.

30 Jul 2017

Stange sieht leicht aus, ...

Stange sieht leicht aus, ist jedoch ausreichend stabil.Installation war problemlos, da noch ausreichend Spielraum vorhanden war.

Admin 31 Jul 2017

Danke. Damit die Stange filligran aussieht, wird hochwertigstes Material verwendet.

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