Mounting Cover Rosette - Stainless Steel

Cover rosettes for shower curtain rod installation at wall and ceiling

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Material: V2A stainless steel
Surface: matt grinded

Stainless steel rosette, cover plate, matching to our shower curtain rods and bathroom accessories made of stainless steel.

For a clean connection from shower curtain rod with ceiling or wall bracket. The rosette matching the shower rod is easy to position between the rod and the wall. We recommend prophylactic cover rosettes for the shower rod mounting to the wall and ceiling, so that a slipped, frayed hole can be concealed if necessary.

Recommendation for installation of shower rod and rigips plasterboard wall

If a plasterboard wall is provided above the tiles for the mounting of the shower rod, special plasterboard wall anchors are used. Since a plasterboard wall anchors is large and has almost the same outer diameter as the shower rod (12mm), or the ceiling bracket of the shower rod holder, we recommend in any case mounting - rosettes to cover the anchor for sure.

Recommendation for installation of shower rod on a glass mosaic wall

Sometimes it is difficult to drill a fine hole through a single stone of a wall tiled with glass mosaic. To mount the shower rod on a glass mosaic wall you can also remove a whole stone, drill the hole for the dowel and cover it with a rosette. For a 20x20mm mosaic stone a 40mm rosette is required.

Recommendation for installation of shower rod with a ceiling bracket

We have made the experience that the ceiling can be made of a different material than a wall and that the drill hole will fray. Since the bracket of the shower rod ceiling mount is only a little larger than the dowel, the connection between the ceiling mount of the shower rod holder and the ceiling with a cover rosette is guaranteed clean.

Recommendation for installation of shower rod on tiles

For mounting the shower rod on a tiled wall, you "only" need to drill a clean hole. The magnificiant elegance of the shower rod is based on the fact that the connection of the shower rod to the wall does not require large mounting plates with several screws. The shower rod and the ceiling bracket is only screwed with an internal thread onto one bolt anchored in the wall or ceiling. If the hole is not positioned exactly when drilling, a cover rosette can be used to conceal a slipped, frayed hole. If necessary, the use of a -never re-drill- adhesive adapter is recommended.

Cover plates - rosette sizes:

R25 x 3 mm

R40 x 3 mm

R55 x 3 mm

Material: 100% stainless steel

Made in Germany

Material: V2A stainless steel
Surface: matt grinded
Customer evaluation for "Mounting Cover Rosette - Stainless Steel"
16 Feb 2022

filigran super...

filigran super

Admin 24 Feb 2022

Danke sehr! So soll es sein. Die Abdeckrosette erleichtert die Befestigung der Duschvorhangstange und sieht gut aus.

14 Dec 2020

Sieht gut aus...

Sieht gut aus

Admin 14 Dec 2020

Danke sehr!

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