Extendable Telescopic Shower Rod - White Aluminium

Telescopic extendable shower pole. Affordable made of aluminium, white colored.

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Extendable Length:

Material: aluminium
Surface: varnished in white

Extendable telescopic shower curtain rod, made of white coloured aluminium, for bath tub and shower niche enclosure. Mount the shower curtain - without drilling - and a wall bracket.

A variable telescopic shower curtain rail is THE classic, simplest and fastest option for anyone who wants to install a shower curtain between two walls. The Shower Curtain Hook Roller, which is supported by small rollers, is very well suited to pull the shower curtain over the small step between the two rods of the telescopic rod. Alternatively, this shower rod is also available in polished aluminium or as a high quality telescopic shower rod in stainless steel.

The extendable telescopic shower rod is available in two different lengths. If the two rods have been pulled apart, they can easily be inserted again from the other side. As the shower rod consists of two tubes inserted into each other, it is advisable not to pull the rods out to the end. Otherwise the shower rod will sag.

Recommended shower curtain width

Use e.g. bathtub I shower rod 125cm - 220cm I shower curtain width from 140 to 240 cm

Use e.g. shower niche I shower rod 75cm - 125cm I shower curtain width from 100 to 140 cm

Extendable shower curtain rod diameter: 25mm

Extendable shower curtain rod material: Aluminium

Made in Switzerland

Adjustment extendable shower curtain rod telescope shower bar

To adapt the shower rod to the shower niche, it is sufficient to pull it max. 1cm further apart than the shower niche measures. This creates sufficient spring pressure! If the telescopic shower rod has been pulled too far apart and separated, open the caps on the left and right end of the shower rod and pull out the entire inner part with the spring mechanism completely. Then insert it again on the other side of the outer tube and push it through to the desired length. Finally, put the end caps of the shower rod back on and attach them at the desired height of the shower niche. Don't worry, nothing will break and you can repeat and adjust it as often as you like until the clamping rod clamps properly and the weight is held.

Due to the packing dimensions no delivery to packing stations!

Material: aluminium
Surface: varnished in white
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29 May 2024

Sehr gute Qualität und e...

Sehr gute Qualität und einfache Anbringung

Admin 3 Jun 2024

Danke sehr für die gute Bewertung der Teleskop Duschvorhangstange zum klemmen.

22 Feb 2022



Admin 24 Feb 2022

Danke sehr! Eine günstige und perfekte Duschvorhangstange zum klemmen.

11 Feb 2022

passt perfekt...

passt perfekt

Admin 21 Feb 2022

Danke sehr! So soll eine Teleskop Duschvorhangstange zum klemmen auch sein.

26 Dec 2020

Sieht gut aus, leicht zu ...

Sieht gut aus, leicht zu handhaben.

Admin 27 Dec 2020

Danke sehr, so soll eine ausziehbare Teleskop Duschvorhangstange zum klemmen auch sein.

3 Feb 2019

Hält sehr gut und leicht...

Hält sehr gut und leichte Montage.

Admin 4 Feb 2019

Danke sehr, so ist es gedacht.

26 Oct 2016

Rasche Lieferung, sehr gu...

Rasche Lieferung, sehr gute Qualität.

Admin 27 Oct 2016

Danke sehr!

8 Sep 2016

Die Teleskopstange ist zu...

Die Teleskopstange ist zusammen mit dem weißen angenehmen Textilvorhang ein echter Hingucker in meinem kleinen Bad mit einer "Walk in "- Dusche. Sieht edel aus.

Admin 9 Sep 2016

Super, so soll es sein!

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