Adhesive Shower Curtain Rod Adapter - Stainless Steel

Adhesive plate for fixing shower curtain rod or any other bath accessorie without drilling and no hole. Delivery incl. glue and cover cosette.

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handpolished or matt grinded

Material: V2A stainless steel
Surface: glossy polished, matt grinded

Stainless steel adhesive adapter, for shower curtain rails made of 12mm stainless steel with 6mm internal thread. Combination with wall and ceiling mounting of the shower rod.

The patented adhesive adapter is exclusively for install our shower curtain rods and bathroom accessories with wall or ceiling mount in 12mm stainless steel. This allows the residue-free installation of the shower rod without drilling and hole on all smooth surfaces such as tiles or glass. For the visible installation of a shower rod on glass, we recommend the glass adhesive plate with crystal-clear hardening UV adhesive.

So easy to fix the shower rod without drilling

The adhesive adapter consists of two parts. As long as the adhesive hardens, the base plate is held in position with a ring of double-sided adhesive tape. At the same time the ring of adhesive tape prevents the adhesive from swelling out. The glue is injected into the filling hole until it comes out of the exit hole. This guarantees that the adhesive surface intended for adhesion is wetted and the shower rod is held securely. The stainless steel cover rosette is clamped between the adhesive adapter and the shower rod.

The adhesive adapter was developed by "nie-wieder-bohren" and is now distributed by TESA. The installation with the adhesive adapter is trustworthy and in our opinion it also makes the installation much easier, even if the otherwise neccessary hole for the shower rod does not matter. Everything you need for mounting the shower rod or the ceiling bracket with the adhesive plate is included in this adhesive adapter set.

Note: The length of the shower rod or ceiling bracket is extended by 6mm per adhesive plate. Shower curtain rods for shower niches, require an exact measurement. We adapt the shower rod to it if you let us know the size of the niche.

Shower rod adhesive adapter 45mm x 6mm (adhesive surface approx. 12 cm²): Load capacity approx. 3 kg

Shower rods adhesive adapter 55mm x 6mm (adhesive surface approx. 19 cm²): load capacity approx. 7.5 kg

The surface of the adhesive plates can be supplied to match the surface of the shower curtain rod, either grinded or polished by hand. The delivery time for hand polished articles is approx. 7 working days additionally.

100% production in Germany.

Assembly instruction - never drill again - adhesive adapter:

The gluing of the shower curtain rod with an adhesive adapter must be prepared carefully and according to the instructions. If the surface is uneven, ensure that the shower curtain rod axis is aligned correctly. Ensure that the shower curtain rod or the adhesive plate is fixed in its final position for the time the glue has cured (at least 12 hours). The pasty glue compensates for unevenness. On rough surfaces, the curing time is extended by 12 hours per additional millimetre of height difference! Remove excess glue that has leaked into joints, for example, with a spatula or knife after curing.

Disassembly: Simply turn off the adhesive adapter with pliers. Remove adhesive residues with a smooth blade and silicone remover.

For special designs of shower curtain rails we will be happy to advise you. We are looking forward to your contact.

Material: V2A stainless steel
Surface: glossy polished, matt grinded
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9 Dec 2023

einfache Montage; hält, ...

einfache Montage; hält, was es verspricht

Admin 11 Dec 2023

Danke sehr für die gute Bewertung. Ja der Klebeteller "nie wieder bohren" ist eine hervorragende Möglichkeit die Duschvorhangstange ohne Löcher und Bohren an der Wand zu montieren.

31 Dec 2020

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Einfache Montage (prima). Langzeithaltbarkeit! bin gespannt.

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Danke sehr. Die einen machen sich Sorgen, das er nicht so lange hält, die anderen das er zu lange hält... Wir können nur sagen, das er wie versprochen hält und sich leicht lösen lässt.

1 Jul 2020

Schnelle, saubere Montage...

Schnelle, saubere Montage ohne Beschädigung des Untergrundes.

Admin 2 Jul 2020

Danke für die anschauliche Bewertung. Der Klebeteller ist eine gelungene Möglichkeit die Duschstange ohne bohren und Löcher zu hinterlassen, mit der Wand zu verbinden.

3 May 2018

Gut verarbeitet, hält gu...

Gut verarbeitet, hält gut auf Fliesen,

Admin 4 May 2018

Danke sehr!

30 Jul 2017

Verarbeitung war uns bere...

Verarbeitung war uns bereits aus vorhergehenden Installationen bekannt und verlief problemlos.
Bisher ist alles stabil und auch optisch ok.

Admin 31 Jul 2017

Danke sehr, wir sindauch von dem System begeistert!

21 Mar 2017

Leichte Handhabung, funkt...

Leichte Handhabung, funktioniert wie beschrieben.

Admin 22 Mar 2017

Danke sehr!

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