Crescend Shower Rod - Various Sizes - Stainless Steel

Crescend curved shower curtain rail. Individual sizes made to measure. For more space in the shower! -Made in Germany-

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handpolished or matt grinded

Material: V2A stainless steel
Dimensions: Custom Made
Surface: glossy polished, matt grinded
Shower Hooks: not included, HKD12

Crescend curved shower curtain rod, for shower enclosures in bathtub, shower niche or corner bathtubs. 12mm solid stainless steel.

The shower with a slightly curved shower rod ensures maximum of space and freedom of movement under the shower. A curved shower rod is suitable for shower niches if the shower curtain is to be hung between two parallel walls. The shower rod wall bracket is made with flexible wall brackets. This also allows the shower rod to be installed at an angle in the corner of the bathroom. This means that the shower curtain can be used with a corner bath, oval bath, jacuzzi or special shape bath. The curved shower rod is a cheap alternative to a shower rod in L shape or U shape or a shower curtain rod made to measure.

The shower rod is optimized for shower curtain hook HKD12. Only with this shower curtain hook the shower curtain pass freely the ceiling hanger. The number of required shower hooks depends on the selected shower curtain width. In order to ensure that the shower curtain ends cleanly at the sides we recommend a shower curtain width of approx. 40cm in addition to the length of the shower rod. The correct height for the shower rod is obtained when the shower curtain hangs approx. 20cm into the bathtub.

Also with this shower rod, grind and rottenness are avoided if the shower curtain does not stick to the bathtub after the shower and because of the curve can dry outside the bathtub after the shower!

Combination curved shower rod and bathtub

The curve of the shower rod has an interesting advantage when used with a bathtub. The curved shower rod increases the distance to the upper body towards the top, so you have more distance to the shower curtain and showerhead and avoid contact with the shower curtain. The shower curtain hangs inside the bathtub and drains the water into the tub. The shower curtain should therefore always be waterproof.

Notes on the installation of curved shower rod

The length of the curved shower rod is measured as a straight line from start to end. The segment height of the shower rod results, as with a circular segment, from an regular radius from start to end of the shower curtain rod.

Each shower curtain rod is made as a custom-made product and cannot be exchanged! In the online shop we offer the curved shower rod in 6 lengths (X) and a segment height (Y) of 20cm and two different surfaces. Let us know your individual custom-made request and we will offer a proposal. The tolerance to the width of the niche is about 1cm. The ceiling support can also be adjusted by 1cm with a clamping screw. The ceiling hanger can be shortened with a hacksaw. The length of the rod does not! Individual special measures of length, segment height and individual shapes we do after consultation!

Delivery incl. mounting material, 2 flexible wall brackets and a ceiling holder of 40cm length, which is hold in the middle of the rod.

Handmade in Germany!

Due to the packing dimensions, delivery to a packing station is not possible!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Material: V2A stainless steel
Dimensions: Custom Made
Surface: glossy polished, matt grinded
Shower Hooks: not included, HKD12
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